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中秋节英语作文 篇一

Today is Middle Autumn Day. I love this festival very much when i am a teenager.

At that time , all my family seat around a table and ate mooncakes ,oranges and other delicious food. We admired the moon , talked about the moon and some stories about Godness in the moon and that pig.。

But since i was in middle school , i had few opportunities to celebrate Middle Autumn Day with my family because I have to study for the purpose of entering university.

Now i am in the university dormitory, I , therefore have no way to celebrate the day with my family. They are so farway. What i ony can do is to call them and bless them a happy day.

This afternoon, i have two classes untill seven. I think tonight , there will be many people in the supermarket to buy mooncakes.

i want to eat mooncakes ,oranges 。.。.

Wish everyone have a happy Middle Autumn Day.

中秋节英语作文 篇二

Today is the Mid-Autumn festival, is a gathering day. Is: the sea gave birth to the moon, the end of the world at this time. But this year, we can not so lucky here, for days of gloomy sky with misty rain is falling. The original plan during the holiday to visit the green expo garden, but by the sounds, nothing at all, not to mention enjoy the bright and bright moon in the autumn leaves.

However, the weather won't affect our good mood. In the evening, our family members in a table eating meal, happy chatting. My sister and I ate the moon cake from time to time to see outside the window, can not help but think of the Mid-Autumn night from previous years.

Such as last year's Mid-Autumn festival, our family after dinner, can't wait to go out to celebrate. "Out, out," I ran excited cried. I saw the moon emerged from the clouds and a half face, shy like a little girl. Slowly round the moon rises, and the like a big tracts, like a fairy in a white veil, spilled the light of the moon to the earth, the earth as it is the day. At this time, my mother stopped me: "look, there is very beautiful!" It turns out that the moon reflected on the surface of the water, forming a month in water, the river around the mirror lights, to foil the beautiful full moon, like place oneself in a pair of beautiful picture scroll. See the scene, I suddenly think of the great poet li bai's poems in the tang dynasty: hours not month, as a white plate. And suspected YaoTai mirror, fly in the qingyun. What a memorable and beautiful Mid-Autumn festival!

Although this year the Mid-Autumn festival is a bit of pity, not seen "the goddess of the moon sister", but I have the same time, because the family can feel happy holidays, happy for a family reunion dinner is the most important.

Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival!






中秋节英语作文 篇三

Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival 。It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light. To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries. On this day, people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal. After that, people always eat delicious moon cakes, and watch the moon. The moon is always very round on that day, and makes people think of their relatives and friends. It is a day of pleasure and happiness. Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!


中秋节英语作文 篇四

It is another year of Mid-Autumn festival, the evening weather is somewhat somber, but a few gray clouds can not hold the smiling face of the moon, also can not affect the good mood of people to admire the moon.

As night fell, the moon burst into a moving smile, and the earth was covered with moonlight, as if covered with a mantle of gold. The moon is famous for the Mid-Autumn festival, like a slippery ice hockey puck, like a golden moon cake hanging in the air, and the jade rabbit may be ready to steal it!

The moon in our country is people praise since ancient times, Du Fuyou "deep white rabbit, value to say trick" of verse, wang also wrote "month as do hope tonight, do not know autumn is chosen", in some poets, writers, "tracts", "jade", "white flocculant" sleeping "jade", "Dan", "sweet osmanthus", "curling" metaphor is too numerous to count. And "chang e", "wu gang felling laurel" such as touching legend, no matter how people praise it, how to describe it, one thousand years, the moon always shine with the light of infinite.

The ice wheel was high in the sky, and the stars were shining brightly against the moon. In retrospect, the chang 'e-2 moon, which is to be launched soon, would love to have more moon secrets and the moon will be more beautiful.

In a trance, I seem to see the moon getting bigger. Chang 'e, wu gang is waving to me.。.

中秋节英语作文 篇五

Mid-autumn day Mid-autumn day is a special festival in China, which is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. Itfalls on the 15th day of august lunar month every year. Our Chinese will celebrate it on that day. I think there are not too many people can reject he temptation of it. I like this festival very much. I have two reasons.


First of all, mid-autumn has the deep meaning of reunite. In china, people regard mid-autumn day as very important, so no matter where they are, they will come back to their family if there is a chance. They don’t like celebrate this festival outside, which will make them feel lonely. Thus, they will go home by all means. Luckily, the government also pays great attention to this traditional festival. There are laws to make sure people have holidays in that special day. In the other word, mid-autumn festival gives a chance for family get together.


Secondly, every family will prepare a big meal in that day. All the food is delicious. It is good to have a big meal. I think nobody will not interest in delicious food. The mooncake is a necessary decoration for mid-autumn day. It tastes good, too. It is the traditional for a long time. How pleased to enjoy the glorious full moon with mooncake!


This is why I love mid-autumn festival so much. It is funny and happy time.


中秋节英语作文 篇六

Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival. After dinner, my father and mother and I sat happily on the balcony, eating moon cakes, persimmons and enjoying the moon.

A golden full moon has been hanging high in the sky, sprinkling bright moonlight on the ground, as gentle as a veil. The clouds in the sky are very light, the wind is very light, and the moonlight is very beautiful, which constitutes a beautiful picture. In the dark blue night sky, the moon looks rounder, brighter and more beautiful. Can such a beautiful moon not make people move? This full moon is very naughty. For a while, she gets into sister Yun's arms, talks with stars, sings and dances?? I can't help it. Then Dad said, "in fact, the moon doesn't shine. It's like a mirror, reflecting the light of the sun to the earth, so the light is not hot."

Soon, a shadow appeared next to the moon. Dad said, "the black shadow is the 'sea' on the moon, but there is no water in it."

Ah! The bright moon aroused my reverie. "Ah! I know that Chang'e must have regretted it at this time. It really corresponds to the ancient poem 'Chang'e should regret stealing miraculous medicine, and the blue sea is blue at night.' ah! She secretly looked at Hou Yi. Hou Yi looked at the moon cakes and fruits given to Chang'e on the earth and silently missed Chang'e. besides, Wu Gang was constantly chopping more than 500 Zhang high osmanthus trees, chopping them and growing them.。. The jade rabbit pounded them wholeheartedly Medicine.。. "

The Mid Autumn Festival is really happy. Not only the moon is round, but also people get together with their relatives. The moon on the Mid Autumn Festival is incredible!

中秋节英语作文 篇七

The Mid-Autumn festival is the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, I like the delicious moon cakes, but I prefer that hung on the round moon in the sky.

The Mid-Autumn festival, our family after dinner, with moon cakes, downstairs to lots of side and enjoy the moon while eating moon cakes.

I picked up the fruit knife, cut the moon cake into eight pieces, dad picked up a piece of first hands on. I looked at the moon cakes in the egg yolks, how like the that a bright moon in the sky. I looked up and looked at the moon, the moon and sometimes hiding behind the clouds, or standing in front of us, the moon, how like a naughty child! Not for a while, the moon is no longer naughty. The moon, when it seemed to become a magician, and the sky became a big stage, a wave of the moon, the stars are all in a blink, and the moon to a wave of his hand, the stars in the sky will not blink.。. I myself looking at the moon, I like to see the moon sister is talking with an astronaut on the moon uncle play, the moon and the sky satellite chat; Lanterns on the moon, a variety of items and everything.。. At this time, I can't help thinking "to" : the poet su shi wrote sensitized, month, waxing, rain or shine all the ancient hard.

Although the Mid-Autumn festival has us, but I am a to the bright moon, it will be reminded of wonderful memories.





中秋节英语作文 篇八

Autumn is the harvest season, the Mid-Autumn festival is the day of reunion. In my hometown, the custom of the Mid-Autumn festival have a lot of, such as eat moon cakes, moon, family reunions, but my favorite is the moon, because the moon's most beautiful and round.

After dinner, mom and dad will take me to enjoy the moon in the park. There are many wonderful stories about the Mid-Autumn moon, I like listening to most is my grandpa had told me the legend of the "chang e"。 Thinking about thinking, look at the sky, "oh, the moon came out!" Round the moon hanging in the sky, a bright aura, like a big moon cake, the earth was shiny. Around the stars twinkle like a child, the moon is like a mother. Look! Their mother and child how happy! Just like our family. I looked up and gazed at the bright moon in the night sky, it seems to be something in the mobile? Oh, that is likely to be the legendary, the goddess of the moon and the moon. I seem to see the moon sister and little rabbits was playing, but the nickname was "rabbit" good friend Chen Junze, then laughing loudly ask the moon: "Chen chang '(www.paomian.net)e sister and rabbit, do you have a good time?"

"Month to exceptionally bright Mid-Autumn festival"。 Look round the moon, mother told me: "people to can have a happiness life, so make a vow to looking at the moon." So maybe a wish: I hope every family to be happy.

The moon is really charming! I love the hometown of the Mid-Autumn festival, the next time I will enjoy the moon again.


吃过晚饭,爸爸、妈妈就带着我一起到公园里赏月。关于中秋的月亮有许多美妙的故事,我最喜欢听的就是爷爷给我讲过的“嫦娥奔月”的传说。想着想着,抬头仰望天空,“啊,月亮出来了!” 圆圆的月亮挂在天空,有着皎洁的光环,像一个大月饼,把大地照得亮晶晶的。周围一闪一闪的星星像孩子,月亮就像一位母亲。看!她们母子多么幸福啊!就像我们的一家人。我抬头凝视着夜空皎洁的月亮,上面似乎有什么东西在移动?噢,那可能就是传说中的嫦娥和玉兔吧。我仿佛看到了嫦娥姐姐和小玉兔正在嬉戏,又想到绰号是“兔子”的好朋友陈俊泽,便大声笑着问月亮:“嫦娥姐姐和陈兔子,你们玩的开心吗?”